Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More on Quasigroup Block Ciphers

During the course of acquiring my Masters in Computer Science, I had the opportunity to do some crypto research.  It's probably landed me on a couple of watch lists, but what the heck, YOLO.  I still can fly to Nashville and just get tagged for my nephew's Play-Doh Christmas present in my carry-ons.

So, how to list research publications? Anti-chronologically? Randomly? No names just links?  On your curriculum vita it's newest to oldest, so AC it is.
Improved QGBC

PRNG Feedback Generator
Battey, "The Quasigroup Block Cipher and its Analysis," Graduate Thesis, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2014.

Battey & Parakh, “Cryptanalysis of the Quasigroup Block Cipher,” Proceedings of  ACM SE’2014, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA,  2014.

QGBC Activity
Battey & Parakh, “A New Quasigroup Based Random Number Generator,” 2013 Internal Conference on Security & Management, pp. 235-241,  Las Vegas, Nevada, 2013.

Battey & Parakh, “An Efficient Quasigroup Block Cipher,” Wireless Personal Communications, Nov 2013, Vol. 73, Issue 1, pp 63-76.

Battey & Parakh, “Efficient Quasigroup Block Cipher for Sensor Networks,” 21st International Conference on Computer Communication and Networks (ICCCN), pp 1-5, Munich, Germany, 2012.

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