Thursday, May 10, 2018

Coding PowerBI Custom Visuals

In my last post I discussed a need for a new slicer visual for Power BI.  There's only one slicer visual built into Power BI.  It's pretty good in most cases.  The Power BI Slicer visual provides the following selection modes:
  • List - for all types
  • Dropdown List - for all types
  • After, Before, Between, Relative - for dates
  • Between, Less than or equal, Greater than or equal - for numeric values
Pretty powerful set of choices.  Plus Power BI provides special handling for the slicer visual.  When you cut and paste a slicer from one page to another page, Power BI offers to automatically synchronize choices.  And if you didn't go that route, the View tab in the Ribbon has a checkbox to show the "Sync slicers" pane.  Selecting the Slicer visual in the report area will update the Sync Slicers pane, and show you all of the other pages where a Slicer is using the same field to filter content on the page.  Overall a valuable feature for reports with multiple pages of related information.

But... What if you have a need to filter a report by a single discrete value out of a large set of values?  The List/Dropdown List isn't a very good option, and if it's dates, the range selection can be clumsy...

So with that said, I jumped right into building my own slicer.  Requirements:
  • Work with large set of discrete values
  • Provide forward and backward paging
  • Provide a thumb to drag
  • Provide a text box for direct entry
Also, it should have some validation on text entry and paging to keep it in bounds.  It would also be nice to remember the last selection, or default to the first value or last value when reloading the report.

This was the easy part.  Next up, I'll write up the steps I took to put the feature together.

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